Patriotic swimwear now @ SWIM

Three new patriotic swimwear sets at SWIM to help Americans celebrate the July 4th holiday!

Patriotic-PairWEBStarstruckWEBAllAmericanWEBThese sets are transferable for gifting pieces to your significant other and include underwear and shirt/pant layers where applicable.  Visit SWIM today to see our entire swimwear collection!


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Couples swimwear now @ SWIM

Doing a bit of catching up here… haven’t been very good about blogging SWIM’s new releases.  I promise to stay focused and post new releases here!

Matching couples swimwear has been introduced at SWIM.  The set includes a swimsuit for the ladies as well as the gents, in a matching pattern and color combo, on multiple layers.  These sets are transferable, so that you can pass the other half to your significant other!


Visit SWIM to see our entire swimwear collection!

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Celebrating 500 members…

500groupgiftadwebWowie!  I can’t believe we have 500 members in the SWIM subscribe-o-matic group already!!  That’s soooo awesome!!

A huge thank you to everyone who has joined the group and supported SWIM so far! 🙂

To celebrate, I’ve sent out a group gift called “May Flowers,” which features delicate pink flowers on a white string bikini for the ladies, and blue flowers on white boardshorts for the men.

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In memory of my kitty

My RL kitty passed away recently.  In memory of him, I created several fun “kitty” themed sets.

kittylovesetwebkittylovemensadwebThe “kitty love” sets can be purchased for L$1 each indefinitely at SWIM.  They are the same bundle sets you are used to seeing, but the print is white paw prints on gray… they same colors as my kitty.

pinkpawlcadwebmeowlcadwebI also added two kitty-themed suits to the Lucky Chair.  These are exclusive to the chair and will not be sold.

mmcatcamiadwebFinally, I put some whimsical cat tank tops in the Midnight Mania board.  These have been extremely popular!  These will be in the board for another week, so grab ’em for free while you can!

Visit SWIM today!!

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Tiger swimwear in three colors


Tiger print swimwear in three different colors–golden, white and pink–now at SWIM in Second Life!  Ladies, your bikini bundle include 10 different pieces on multiple layers.  Guys, you get boardshorts, trunks and a tank in your bundle!

Visit SWIM today!!

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New releases, week of April 6

redbandanamensad512pslstarbrightmensad512pslredbandanastoreadpslstarbrightstoread512pslNew swimwear for both gals AND guys this week at SWIM!  The sets “Red Bandana” and “Starbright” will only be sold in bikini bundles for the ladies.  The matching men’s swimwear bundle comes with boardshorts, swim trunks and matching tank top!  All pieces for men and ladies is MOD/COPY on multiple layers.

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New Lucky Chair, Midnight Mania items @ SWIM

mm2giftad_512I’ve changed up the Midnight Mania prize and put in two of the “Blue Flower” swim suit pieces, along with two pastel blue pieces that match the blue flowers… allowing you to mix and match the pieces for different looks!

flowerburstlcad512I’ve also tossed another swimwear set called “Flower Burst”  into the Lucky Chair!  Visit SWIM for your chance to win this, or the “Spring Bloomz” bikinis, which are still in the chair, too!

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